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Batch Thermal Process System for 200mm Wafers “VERTRON® Revolution”


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  • KOKUSAI ELECTRIC’s “VERTRON® Revolution” is a latest version of proven VERTRON® 200mm Batch Diffusion/LPCVD systems.
    Customer would be able to choose optimum VERTRON® system from mass production to many models production in small quantities. Flexible wafer diameter such as 150mm is ready.

    *VERTRON is a registered trademark of KOKUSAI ELECTRIC CORPORATION.

    Process Applications
    • LP CVD
    • Oxidation
    • Anneal (High Temp. / Low Temp.)
    • Diffusion


  • Built on a proven VERTRON® platform with compatibility of wafer process among past models
  • Upgraded to new hardware to enable high productivity utilized latest 300mm tools designs
  • Larger batch size (175wafers) and small batch size for low height ceiling (100wafers) (Option)
  • Atmosphere control is available for oxygen and moisture sensitive process (lower oxygen & H2O concentration) (Option)
  • Controllers have been upgraded to latest architecture based systems and it gives better system performance and much low risk of parts supply discontinuation in the future