Procedures to edit our Corporate Report

The basic concept of our CSR and sustainability as well as material issues to be disclosed as the content of Corporate Report are explained under the titles “Editorial Policy” at page 7, and “The Group’s approach to CSR and sustainability management” at page 17 of the “KOKUSAI ELECTRIC Group CORPORATE REPORT 2022”. To supplement these, following are a brief description of the procedures to edit our Corporate Report and an explanation on policy regarding the disclosure of sustainability information.

The process to define material topics of our sustainability disclosure

We have identified material topics which are stipulated in GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards through following procedures.

  1. First, we have selected the topics which substantively influence the assessments and decisions of stake holders referring to ESG disclosure standards, evaluation items by ESG evaluation organizations, under advice of an outside consultant.
  2. Then, we further evaluate those aspects in terms of significance of economic, environmental and social impacts by our business operation.

The procedure to edit “KOKUSAI ELECTRIC Group CORPORATE REPORT 2022”

Steps to produce Corporate Report

Our Corporate Report is produced through following steps.

  1. Contents and the structure of the report are discussed and planned by authors selected from each Departments under an arrangement by the staff of CSR Department.
  2. Galley proofs are reviewed by following points.
    1. All the author staff in charge and responsible officers of the relevant Departments receive a galley proof and review it.
    2. Requested by CSR Department, appropriateness as the publication is tested by each Departments in charge, consistency tests of product description are implemented by Departments in charge of environment and quality assurance.
    3. President and CEO reviews the final galley proof, as well as the results of the assessment and makes the final decision of the publication of the report.
    4. Japanese edition was publicized by Website.
  3. Produced English edition and publicized by Website.