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Training Center

  • The Training Center provides training, which is mainly focused on technology, to customers who purchase our tools and want to learn most efficient and effective ways to use them. The Training Center offers wide range of training curricula to respond to needs of various trainees ranging from those who touch the tools for the fist time to those who hope to become specialists or trainers. Also, the Training Center tours are also available for the customers who are thinking of purchasing the tools.

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Introduction of curricular

Regular full-time trainers prepare training schedules according to trainees' purposes and targeted skills. Curricular are made based on customers' circumstances, requested schedules or other requirements and the training is provided under the best environment.

  • 1. Outline of the tool

    Learning configuration and functions of the tool & safety for handling the tool

  • 2. Operation
    • Operating a tool on an operation panel
    • Collecting process data
    • Entering/Delivering a carrier
    • Recipe start
  • 3. Maintenance
    • Operating a handy terminal
    • Replacing quartz parts
    • Boat teaching
    • Leak check in a reaction chamber
    • Obtaining temperature profile
    • Periodic maintenance
    • Power on/off
  • 4. Process
    • Outline of process
    • Inputting and editing recipes
    • Changing process conditions
    • Changing error treatment settings
    • Making system recipes
  • 5. Troubleshooting
    • Referring to alarm information
    • Treatment to be done for water loss errors
    • Treating deviation errors
    • Treating transfer errors
    • Treatment to be done for interlock occurrence

Introduction of training

We provide compound type training so that the skills can be certainly obtained.

  • Classroom lecture

    Sharing targets that are directly linked to actual work and acquiring knowledge. Training can be done according to each trainee's level and necessary time.

  • Virtual reality simulator

    Basic operation and transfer procedures are learned without worrying about damaging the actual tools. Each trainee can learn individually according to his or her level and necessary time.

  • Tool hands-on

    Accomplishments in previous steps can be utilized on actual training tool operation. Actual training tools can be operated and know-how is obtained.

Location of worldwide (W-W) Training Centers

    Training Center 2-1, Yasuuchi, Yatsuo-Machi, Toyama-Shi,
    Toyama 939-2393, JAPAN
  • Kokusai Semiconductor Equipment Corporation
    United States
    Training Center 1211 SE Cardinal Court, #130, Vancouver, WA988683 U.S.A
  • Kokusai Electric Asia Pacific Co., Ltd.
    Training Center in Hsinchu 1F., No.1-2, Taiyuan 1st St., Zhubei City,
    Hsinchu County 30265, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
    Training Center in Tainan Region 1F., No.11, Nanke 2nd Rd., Xinshi Dist.,
    Tainan City 74147, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • KE Semiconductor Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
    Training Center in Wuxi 11 Xin Xi Lu, Xinwu Qu, Wuxi Shi, Jiangsu Sheng, China Training Center in Xi'an Information Industry Park, No. 526,
    Xitai Road, high tech Zone, Xi'an,Shaanxi Sheng,
  • Kook Je Electric Korea Co., Ltd. (Kokusai Electric Korea Co., Ltd.)
    Training Center 64, Jinwisandan-ro, Jinwi-myeon, Pyeongtaek-si,
    Gyeonggi-do, 17709, Republic of Korea