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High-productivity Batch Processing System “AdvancedAce®-300”


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  • AdvancedAce®-300 is a KOKUSAI ELECTRIC’s latest platform for batch thermal processing of 300mm wafers.
    The AA-300 offers high throughput by utilizing advanced technologies in such areas as temperature control, wafer handling automation, reactor purging.

    *AdvancedAce is a registered trademark of KOKUSAI ELECTRIC CORPORATION.

    Process Applications
    • LP CVD
    • Oxidation
    • Annealing


  • Achieved high productivity: Improved 1.5times(*) larger lot processing in a time (* Compared with previous model)
  • Capable of conformal films into deep trench
  • Realized high accurate, high quality film deposition in low temperature
  • Health check function (Option)