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Single Wafer Plasma Nitridation / Oxidation System “MARORA®


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    *MARORA is a registered trademark of KOKUSAI ELECTRIC CORPORATION.
  • MARORA® is a suitable tool to provide gate dielectric film for next generation DRAM, logic or flash memory.
    With our original plasma generation method (MMT *), MARORA® generates a plasma with low electron temperature (approx. 1eV) efficiently and realizes plasma damage free process.

    *MMT=Modified Magnetron Typed

    Process Applications
    • Nitridation of dielectric film
    • Forming thin oxidation film
    • Selective oxidation
    • Anisotropic oxidation


  • High throughput – 2 times better productivity than previous model
  • MMT plasma source is equipped – Realized highly uniform plasma at the surface of substrate and low electron temperature of plasma (~1eV)
  • Wide range temperature control – High temperature heater is installed
  • Various application – In addition to plasma oxidation or plasma nitridation, Selective Oxidation , oxidation of Si without oxidation of metal, is capable