Using world-class coating technology to produce high-quality semiconductor manufacturing equipment Using world-class coating technology to produce high-quality semiconductor manufacturing equipment

The most important phase of making semiconductors is thin film formation
by deposition and thermal processing.
At KOKUSAI ELECTRIC we produce semiconductor manufacturing equipment that leverages
those world-class thin film formation technologies such as 10nm microfabrication technology
close to the physical limit, delivering to the world’s top semiconductor manufacturers.
KOKUSAI’s leading technologies enable the increasing high functionality and
high performance of semiconductors.

The production process for
semiconductor manufacturing equipment
We run a comprehensive production control system encompassing all phases from order receipt to
design, procurement, manufacture, and after-sale servicing and maintenance.
  1. Research and development 01 01
  2. Order receipt
  3. Design 02 02
  4. Procurement 03 03
  5. Manufacture 04 04
  6. Shipment 05 05
  7. Installation and setup 06 06
  8. Servicing and maintenance
    • 01
    • Research and development

      In addition to our underlying technologies, we jointly develop next-generation high-performance semiconductor technologies with research institutions, and develop the coating technology and manufacturing technology to create them.

    • 02
    • Design

      We implement advanced technologies such as 3DCAD-based design and fluid simulations. We make the best possible use of our underlying technologies to design equipment tailored to customer needs.

    • 03
    • Procurement

      The type and number of required parts varies based on equipment model and specifications. At an automated warehouse we store over 15,000 parts obtained from various local business partners.

    • 04
    • Manufacture

      We manufacture a wide variety of products in a cleanliness class 5000 cleanroom. We use the cell station production method for unit assembly to further streamline tasks and increase productivity. Furthermore, in pursuit of an optimized production area we promote a production scheme that roots out waste as well as improved work safety.

    • 06
    • Shipment

      We conduct strict product inspections and delivery inspections at every phase. Completed equipment is shipped around the world using environmentally-friendly shipping.

    • 06
    • Installation and setup

      We visit customer factories, and handle everything from equipment installation to assembly, wiring, testing/tuning, and process launch tasks according to customer deadlines. Roughly 90% of our customers are international customers, mainly in Asia, so we have many employees working overseas.